Winnetou footsteps

Day 1: Arrival in Biograd or Zadar. Dinner and overnight.

Day 2: Winnetou excursion on the Zrmanja River - today you will experience in a unique way, by tradition and customs, one of the most famous filming location of the Winnetou film. Guests are welcomed with music and aperitif followed by picnic (homemade bread under the bell, small donuts, olive oil, bacon, dried figs, almonds). Unlimited consumption of drinks - wine, juice, water. And Folkloransambl, which plays traditional instruments and music, will present to you the song that has been included on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. After a walk you will reach the Zrmanja Plateau, where Winnetou was filmed. Zrmanja Canyon was the location of Winnetou 1 and Winnetou 3. The deep valley through which the turquoise-green Zrmanja River flows was the setting for the Apache village of Winnetous in the 1960s. Here Old Shatterhand and his friends were held captive by Winnetous Stamm until he was able to flee through a dangerous canoe trip on the Zrmanja (aka Rio Pecos). Here Old Shatterhand also met his love Nscho-chi for the first time. Dinner and overnight in Biograd or Zadar.

Day 3: Excursion Trogir - or as the city of Santa Fe is known in the movie Winnetou 3, today is our destination. The old town of Trogir, which is a listed building, has hardly changed its appearance until today and so one can still recognise today during a walk through the streets some filming locations. Through the same narrow streets rode the Winnetou and Old Shatterhand. Dinner and overnight in Biograd or Zadar.

Day 4: NP Krka - a walk through the magical nature, discover some of the most important locations of Winnetou 3, Old Shatterhand, Winnetou in the Valley of the Dead... Because of its natural beauty, the former location of Winnetou has been protected , On its way from the source to the mouth of the Krka has created numerous waterfalls. The harmony of specific natural features and cultural values, the beauty of the canyon and the waterfalls give the National Park its significant value. The Krka National Park is a true oasis that promises a pleasant holiday. Right here, in the National Park, where the picturesque waterfalls rush, are the filming locations for the Winnetou films, as well as for the romantic scene from Winnetou 1 - "Today is a happy day for Nscho-chi, ..." the love scene between Nscho-chi and Shatterhand. Dinner and overnight in Biograd or Zadar

Day 5: Sightseeing of Zadar (dinner and overnight) or departure towards Plitvice Lakes with a visit to the national park. Dinner and overnight.

Day 6: Departure

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